Testimonials … 


I have used the diagnosis module of the software for several years at my former practice place. I found it very useful to my daily dermatopathology work. It’s well designed, user friendly, fast, and smart! It saved me time, helped me to organize my thoughts, and allowed me to focus on the details of each case. 

Stephen Chow, MD

General pathologist, dermatopathologist, former AP director at DynaLIFE, Edmonton, AB, Canada

I have used the diagnostic module and synoptic report generator on our previous LIS and found it to be quite user friendly. It helped me record all the needed data points consistently in my reports in a rapid, accurate and very organised manner. 

Erene Farag MBBCh, MSc, PhD, FRCPC

Breast and Anatomical pathologist, Provincial Medical Director, DynaLIFE Medical Labs, Edmonton, AB, Canada

I have used the diagnosis module in my former dermatopathology practice. It was easy to use and streamlined my work flow. I was able to get through high volumes of routine cases in an efficient manner. This allowed me to concentrate on consult cases that demanded more attention. This software is fantastic and I would recommend it for routine practice.

Tawny Hung, MD

Dermatopathologist and anatomic pathologist, Edmonton, AB, Canada

I had the opportunity to use the diagnosis module and synoptic report generator since 2013 after it was approved and was distributed province-wide through the breast cancer SIG. The software was user friendly, consistently accurate, and much faster than previously used data collection methods. Using the predecessor version of this software has allowed me to focus more time on the cases and be more productive while generating consistently complete pathology reports.

Osman Tutuncuoglu, MD

Pathologist, Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

As an anatomic pathologist who specialized in breast pathology, I used a forerunner of the current system on hundreds of cases over several years.  The ability to rapidly and accurately fill the required data points saved me time, organized my thoughts and allowed me to focus on special aspects of each case ensuring a comprehensive report for each patient.

Judith Hugh, MD

Former divisional director of anatomic pathology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

One of the main challenges in running an efficient modern pathology laboratory is finding a user friendly, easily integrable and versatile laboratory information system that is designed to meet the demands of the different phases of the specimen-test cycle, from the pre-analytic to analytic and post-analytic.

Stellar, the anatomic pathology laboratory information system is a client-server application  that we have been using at SPHMMC’s pathology department for the last five years. It is a seamless system that addresses each and every aspect of the specimen-test cycle, starting from accessioning to report generation, including monitoring and auditing the overall process; and, ever since we integrated the system, it has hugely impacted our workflow and efficiency, especially in generating timely, useful and standardized pathology reports, thus impacting positively in advancing the main mission of the institute, that of advancing the quality of health care.

Selamawit Tadesse, MD

Pathologist, Head of Department of Pathology, SPHMMC., Addis Ababa, Ethiopia